Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Boeing Test Flight going as planned

Boeing (BA) is reportedly losing somewhere around $50 million a week while it's 787 Dreamliner jets are grounded, so it's important news for investors when the company announced on Monday that the test flight with the redesigned batteries "went according to plan". Share price on Tuesday shot up by two percent as the buzz spread of Boeing getting back in the air soon. Still, there are a few more hurdles for the 787 as aviation regulators in Japan and the United States need to examine and clear the newly redesigned planes for commercial travel. The original issue was with the lithium ion batteries that were designed to handle secondary systems of the plane and thus reduce fuel consumption. These batteries overheated and even caused one to smoke, but the exact cause was unknown. The plan right now is to get the all clear from regulators and get their jets back in the sky within weeks, instead of months.

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